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Hard-hitting post-hardcore/screamo/metalcore outfit Famous Last Words rose from small-town Great Lakes origins to national success in the mid-10s, thanks to a series of ambitious concept albums, the second of which, 2014's Council of the Dead, made a strong showing on Billboard's pop charts. They continued to tour heavily and release quality material with a thematic bent, returning with another full-length and the 2019 EP, Arizona.
Formed in 2009 in the city of Petoskey, Michigan on the shores Lake Huron, the band's initial lineup was built around the talents of vocalist Jeremy "JT" Tolas, guitarist Tyler Myklebust, lead guitarist Ethan Osborn, drummer Craig Simons, and bassist Jesse Maddy. The group secured a small but loyal regional fan base upon releasing their debut EP, Pick Your Poison (2012), a base that grew exponentially with the release of 2013's Two-Faced Charade, their full-length studio debut for Ohio-based InVogue Records. Known for their theatrical nature, Famous Last Words followed up in 2014 with Council of the Dead, a conceptual album detailing the stories of various characters at the end of life. The album expanded the group's fan base, and reached number 91 on Billboard's Top 200.
By this time, Famous Last Words' original bassist Maddy had departed, opening the door for his replacement Matthew Bell. The band also added guitarist Evan Foley to the mix. Following a switch to Revival Records, they delivered their third LP, The Incubus, in late 2016. After the Incubus tour cycle wrapped up in 2017, founding drummer, Simons, also left the group and was replaced in 2018 by Cody Paige. This lineup was responsible for the Arizona EP, which arrived in May 2019 via SBG Records. ~ James Christopher Monger

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