About EyeDea

Sharp-tongued battle rapper Michael Larsen, aka Eyedea, became a well-known force in the hip-hop circuit after winning consecutive televised freestyle competitions at the turn of the millennium. Delivering verbal knockouts at the 1999 Scribble Jam, the 2000 Rock Steady Anniversary, and the 2000 Blaze Battle, his quick wit and heady lyrics gained him multiple label deal offers, but he ultimately chose to sign with Rhymesayers Entertainment, a home-grown Minnesotan label with underground heavy-hitters like MF Doom and Atmosphere on the roster. Larsen's output was vast for the 2000s. He paired up with his childhood friend DJ Gregory Keltgen (Abilities) for a trio of introspective hip-hop records, released material under the name Oliver Hart, and stepped outside the rap genre with the jazz group Face Candy and the alt-rock band Carbon Carousel. Unfortunately, his career was cut tragically short when he passed away at the age of 28 in October of 2010. ~ Jason Lymangrover

St. Paul, MN, United States of America
November 9, 1981