About EXID

The K-pop girl group EXID—pronounced “E-X-I-D”—has a name that’s short for "Exceed in Dreaming,” an appropriate tagline given their fierce determination.

• Originally a sextet created by K-pop hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger, EXID debuted to little fanfare in 2012 and saw three members depart the group. This led to the addition of Solji and Hyelin, making EXID a quintet.
• The group failed to score a major hit until the 2014 summer single "Up & Down." Initially a commercial disappointment, “Up & Down” enjoyed a resurgence of popularity thanks to a fan-recorded viral video of member Hani performing the song's sensual choreography. By year's end, the song had topped the Korean charts and made EXID household names.
• The sexy, confident style of “Up & Down” became a hallmark of subsequent EXID hits like “DDD,” “Ah Yeah,” and “Hot Pink.”
• Group member LE, a rapper, was also a key part of EXID’s success. She cowrote and rapped on their biggest hits.


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