Ex Cops


About Ex Cops

Borrowing from the wispy sounds of vintage Sarah Records and Flying Nun artists, Brooklyn, New York's Ex Cops is the project of Brian Harding. Harding began recording in his bedroom with his housemate Dan Shapiro, a music school grad with an interest in production. This version of the band self-released the lo-fi White Women EP in mid-2011, but Ex Cops began to flesh out their sound and lineup with guitarist Sam Bair, bassist Leif Huckman, drummer Kai Kennedy, and vocalist Amalie Bruun. In April 2012, the upgraded Ex Cops issued the You Are a Lion, I Am a Lamb single, the debut release from Other Music's boutique label; meanwhile, the band worked with producer John Siket on its first full-length. ~ Heather Phares

Brooklyn, NY, United States of America