About Eurogliders

Regarded as one-hit wonders in America, the Eurogliders actually had a longer and more successful career in their homeland. Formed in 1980 in Perth, West Australia, the Eurogliders consisted of six members: Grace Knight (vocals), Crispin Akerman (guitars), Bernie Lynch (guitars), Amanda Vincent (keyboards), Geoff Rosenberg (bass), and John Bennetts (drums). As a teenager, Knight used to perform in folk clubs. Searching for a career boost, she traveled to Australia where she met Lynch, a friend of her sister's. As Knight developed her vocal style, Lynch began assembling the pieces for a band. In 1982, the Eurogliders released their first album, Pink Suit Blue Day, but it did not sell well. However, "Heaven," the autumnal single from 1984's This Island, was a worldwide smash; it provided the group's only U.S. airplay. Unable to duplicate that success, the Eurogliders broke up in 1989. In 1990, Knight appeared in the TV miniseries Come in Spinner; she also covered '40s torch songs on the soundtrack. Knight recorded her first solo album, Stormy Weather, in 1991. Leaving behind the new wave synthesizers and folksy harmonies of the Eurogliders, Knight switched to jazz and soul with Stormy Weather. A year later, Stormy Weather and the Come in Spinner soundtrack both landed in the Top Ten of Australia's jazz charts. In 1993, Knight released Gracious. ~ Michael Sutton


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