Eryn Young - Top Songs

Gone with the Wind
ESSENCE (feat. Eryn Young & Keali'i)
My Lips
Into the Night (feat. Eryn Young)
Sleepless Nights (feat. Eryn Young) [Remix]
Dark Angel (with Thorb & Jack Craven)
Who Were You (feat. Eryn Young)
Hard to Love
The Mirror (feat. I Am Sunny, ByroPyro, Eryn Young, Young Hawk IA, David Lee Da Nu Truth & M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L.)
Only Trust Me
I Love Him, I Miss You
Ego (EphJoe Remix)
Time (with Aarynn Rose)
No Longer Fun
Call Me a Nightmare (feat. Eryn Young)
Mistakes (feat. Eryn Young)
Lose It (feat. Eryn Young)
World Party (feat. I Am Sunny, Eryn Young, U.C. Tha Rap Omega & Brotha M.A.C.)
Fallout (feat. Eryn Young) [Duet Version]
Away from Here
Never Your Girl (feat. Eryn Young) [GWTW Remix]
Not My Problem (feat. Eryn Young & Culture Orphan)
Baby Get Higher (feat. Eryn Young) [Happy Hardcore Remix]
Kati Kadillac (feat. Eryn Young & Kyle Pogline)
Open My Eyes(Too Much Time!) (feat. Culture Orphan, Eryn Young & Brotha M.A.C.)
Love It That Way (feat. Eryn Young) [Radio Edit]
Love It That Way (feat. Eryn Young)
Love It That Way (feat. Eryn Young)
Love It That Way (feat. Eryn Young) [Radio Edit]
Trail of Flames (feat. Eryn Young)