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About Enrico Ruggeri

Italian rock singer Enrico Ruggeri's first experience in a band was Josafat, formed in 1973 and inspired by British rock from the late '60s. Soon, the artist created a new project called Champagne Molotov, along with Silvio Cappecia, composing their first original songs in 1975. Two years later, mostly influenced by punk rock, the group's name was changed to Decibel and its style became more aggressive. The band's popularity allowed it to open for prominent international numbers such as the Heartbrakers and Adam and the Ants. In 1979, the group's album Vivo Da Re was released and Decibel participated in San Remo's Festival with a song called "Contessa." In 1980, Enrico Ruggeri decided to reunite Champagne Molotov, playing along with Luigi Schiavone, Roberto Rossi, Roberto Pulix, and Silvano Bolzoni, recording his first solo album that same year. In February of 1996, the singer celebrated the impressive three million records sold during his career. ~ Drago Bonacich

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