Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

About Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Emerson, Lake & Palmer were progressive rock's first supergroup. Greeted by the rock press and the public as something akin to conquering heroes, they succeeded in broadening the audience for progressive rock from hundreds of thousands into tens of millions of listeners. They created a major radio phenomenon as well, penning classic rock radio staples like "Lucky Man," Still…You Turn Me On," and "Karn Evil 9 1st Impression, Pt. 2," and issuing hugely influential albums like Tarkus and Brain Salad Surgery. Their flamboyance on record and in the studio echoed the best work of the heavy metal bands of the era, proving that classic rockers could compete for that arena-scale audience. ELP disbanded in 1979 but re-formed in 1991 and issued two more studio albums, Black Moon (1992) and In the Hot Seat (1994), before ceasing operations once again. In 2010 they performed their final show at the High Voltage Festival in London to commemorate their 40th anniversary. Keyboardist Keith Emerson and bassist/guitarist/vocalist Greg Lake passed away in 2016, leaving drummer Carl Palmer the sole remaining member.

    London, England

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