About Emancipator

Doug Appling, better known as Emancipator, creates lush and evocative electronic music that’s often fleshed out by live musicians on stage and in the studio.

• A native of Virginia, Appling studied violin in his youth before progressing to bass, guitar, and drums. He began making electronic music in high school.
• He chose the name Emancipator because he embraced the idea of freeing oneself through music. He’s described it as a mythological hero representing an alter ego.
• In 2007, he self-released his debut album under the Emancipator name: Soon it Will be Cold Enough. The following year, it was reissued on Hydeout, the label founded by influential Japanese producer Nujabes.
• Emancipator has worked extensively with violinist Ilya Goldberg, who coproduced 2015’s Seven Seas. The album reached No. 12 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

    New York, NY
  • BORN
    May 27, 1987

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