Eliza Gilkyson
Eliza Gilkyson

Eliza Gilkyson

About Eliza Gilkyson

A gifted singer and songwriter who has never been afraid to share her opinions or bare her soul, Eliza Gilkyson's music reflects a forgiving conscience as well as a belief in social justice and an openness to emotional honesty. Stylistically, she is an artist whose sound has evolved steadily over the course of a career that spans six decades, but each change feels like an honest extension of the caring, concern, and dashes of sly wit that are constants in her work. Gilkyson's musical boundaries have encompassed the mystical, new age-adjacent sounds of 1987's Pilgrims, the more soulful folk and blues hybrid of 1993's Through the Looking Glass, the introspective folk-pop of 1997's Redemption Road, the impassioned rootsy tone of 2002's Lost and Found, the wiry rock-leaning folk of 2011's Roses at the End of Time, the philosophical musings of 2018's Secularia, and the gentle but determined activist spirit of 2020's 2020.

    Hollywood, CA
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