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Elephant Kashimashi

Elephant Kashimashi

About Elephant Kashimashi

Japanese rock group Elephant Kashimashi was formed in 1981 by Tokyo junior high school students inspired by hard rock bands Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Rainbow.

∙ In 1986, they won Japan’s annual CBS/Sony Audition contest, earning a recording contract with Epic/Sony Records.
∙ The band’s sophomore LP, 1987’s The Elephant Kashimashi II, was included on Rolling Stone Japan’s list of the 100 Greatest Japanese Rock Albums.
kokoro Ni Hana Wo, from 1996, became the first of 10 Elephant Kashimashi albums to reach the Japanese Top 10.
∙ Three different tribute albums have been dedicated to Elephant Kashimashi, featuring Japanese acts DMBQ, THE BACK HORN, and SUPER BEAVER recording covers of the band’s songs.
∙ At Japan’s 2018 Space Shower Music Awards, the group received the Best Respect Award in honor of their achievements and lasting influence on the Japanese rock scene.
∙ Tokyo’s Akabane Station—located near where three Elephant Kashimashi members grew up—used their songs “Koyoi no Tsuki no Youni” and “Oretachi No Ashita” to alert railway passengers of impending departures.

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