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About Elephant Kashimashi

High-school friends from the Akabane district of Tokyo, Hiroji Miyamoto, Toshi Ishimori, and Yoshi Tominaga formed a version of what would become Elephant Kashimashi as early as 1981. Eventually adding a mutual acquaintance, Seiji Takamidori, on bass, the band built a following in Tokyo, but didn't achieve much notice until the release of Like a Moon of Tonight. Part of the leading edge of the alternative pop/rock wave sweeping through Japan, Ele-Kashi pumped out album after album and single after single, charting repeatedly and building a strong following based on their avoidance of the overly saccharine sounds that characterize much of J-pop's repertoire. As of 2008, they were back on the Oricon charts again with "Sakura No Hana, Maiagaru Michi Wo." ~ Adam Greenberg

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