About Elecktroids

A one-off, Warp-released side-project that nobody seems willing to go on record about, mysterious electro outfit Elecktroids have been rumored to be the work of everyone from Detroit underground legends Drexciya to Mark Bell of Manchester bleep popularizers LFO. Whatever the case, Elecktroids are a well-produced, if vaguely tongue-in-cheek, outfit combining elements of contemporary "listening techno" with early Detroit electro influences and obviously Kraftwerk-derived themes of technological aggrandizement. The group released the Kilohertz EP in 1995, at the crest of a putative "electro revival" launched by U.K. label Clear; Elektroworld, the group's only full-length to date, followed shortly after. Despite apparently came-and-went release status, Elecktroids have enjoyed a somewhat enduring popularity, making it onto two different Warp "best of" compilations as well as contributing two tracks to popular electro mix session X-Mix: Electro Boogie, put together by techno producer/DJ Dave Clarke and released by the K7 label in 1997. ~ Sean Cooper


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