El Símbolo

About El Símbolo

Latin pop band from Argentina El Simbolo was formed by Francisco Fernández Madero (aka Frank Madero) and Ramón Garriga, who met while studying at San Gabriel high school, soon, sharing their passion for music and creating a project called TNN (the New Nation) in 1993, releasing a catchy song called "La Cucamarcha," based on the Latin classic "La Cucaracha." In 1994, along with guitarist José Javier Puerta (aka Tote Puerta) and singer Soledad López, TNN became El Simbolo, recording a self-titled debut album that same year. After singer Lorena Taibo joined in and the group founded its own label, called Magma Records, Madagascar was made in 1995. A year later, El Simbolo signed up to Fonovisa, issuing 1997's No Pares and 1998's Hit Mix. ~ Drago Bonacich

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