Eir Aoi
Eir Aoi

Eir Aoi

About Eir Aoi

A big Sailor Moon fan as a girl, Eir Aoi would pretend to be the characters Sailor Jupiter or Tuxedo Mask when she and friends would play.

∙ Although she played guitar and sang in a band in high school, she considered putting music aside and becoming a nurse after graduation.
∙ Her performance name is inspired by the Norse goddess of healing and medicine, Eir, and the Japanese word for her favorite color, blue.
∙ Her major-label debut single, 2011’s “Memoria,” doubled as the closing theme for the anime series Fate/Zero.
∙ She has provided opening or closing themes to the anime series Sword Art Online, Kill la Kill, and The Heroic Legend of Arslan.

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