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About Edward Wickham

Edward Wickham is a choral conductor and coach who specializes in the music of the Renaissance. Wickham first came to prominence when he founded the vocal ensemble the Clerks' Group in 1992, making a series of recordings for Gaudeamus/ASV that have enjoyed considerable acclaim; he and the Clerks' Group have also recorded for Naxos, Nimbus, and Signum in the U.K. While Josquin, Ockeghem, and Tallis have remained major concerns for Wickham, he has also devoted entire discs to more obscure figures such as Barbireau and Johannes Tinctoris. The Clerks' Group have toured very widely, appearing throughout Europe and in America. Wickham also leads the Orlando Chamber Choir of London (not to be confused with the Orlando Consort) and the Renaissance Singers of London. Since 2003, Wickham has served as director of music at St. Catherine's College in Cambridge.