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Eddie Vedder

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Musician and singer-songwriter Eddie Vedder became a grunge rock icon in the early 1990s as frontman for the alternative rock band Pearl Jam.

∙ Pearl Jam formed when ex-members of Seattle’s Mother Love Bone recruited Vedder after hearing the lyrics and vocals he added to their three-song demo.
∙ The basketball-loving bandmates initially named themselves after NBA player Mookie Blaylock, and their debut album Ten, is Blaylock’s jersey number.
∙ His duet with Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell on “Hunger Strike” was the breakout single from the 1990 supergroup Temple of the Dog.
∙ In Cameron Crowe’s Gen X-defining movie Singles, Vedder plays a drummer in Citizen Dick, the fictional group of Matt Dillon’s character.
∙ “Guaranteed,” from his first solo album, was featured on the soundtrack for the Sean Penn-directed film Into the Wild and won a Best Original Song Golden Globe.
∙ He was ranked No. 7 in Rolling Stone’s readers’ poll of the Best Lead Singers of All Time—one spot above John Lennon.
∙ In 2017, Vedder was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with Pearl Jam.

    Evanston, IL
  • BORN
    December 23, 1964

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