East of the Wall

About East of the Wall

The self-described "situational art metal band," East of the Wall hail from the town of Gunnison Beach, NJ, where the group's members were active in different bands like the Postman Syndrome, Day Without Dawn, and Biclops before pooling their talents together. Beginning in 2005, bassist Brett Bamberger, drummer Mike Somers, and guitarist Jeff Speidell began working on material that became a self-released eponymous EP the following year; then they welcomed guitarist Matt Lupo into their midst prior to recording 2007's Farmer's Almanac album for Forgotten Empire Records. Guitarist Kevin Conway replaced Speidell soon after and drummer Seth Rheam took over for Somers in 2009, at which time third guitarist Chris Alfano was also added, and the group followed a split release with Rosetta and Year of No Light by recording its second full-length, Ressentiment, for new label Translation Loss. The latter also saw vocals introduced into the band's previously instrumental template for the first time, even though none of East of the Wall's musicians took credit for performing them in the album's sleeve notes. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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