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After launching Transglobal Underground and Temple of Sound, multi-instrumentalist and composer Nick Page formed the reggae group Dub Colossus with musicians from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: singers Tsedenia Gebremarkos and Sintayehu "Mimi" Zenebe, along with musicians Samuel Yirga, Feleke Hailu, and Teremage Woretaw. The group debuted in 2008 with the Real World release A Town Called Addis, an album that introduced their blend of Jamaican reggae and traditional African sounds. Addis Through the Looking Glass followed in 2012, then the remix effort Dub Me Tender, Vol. 1 arrived that same year as a vinyl-only release. A CD and digital download were made available in 2013, but this time with extra tracks and the expanded title Dub Me Tender, Vols. 1-2. ~ David Jeffries

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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