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Hailing from Albany, New York, Drug Church are an aggressive but literate hardcore punk band led by vocalist Patrick Kindlon, who also sings with the group Self Defense Family. While SDF allows Kindlon to explore the more experimental side of his musical ideas, Drug Church falls much closer to the traditional template of punk but with a lean intelligence (with an undercurrent of cynical wit) and sharp focus, with the straightforward attack of their debut EP giving way to a more metal-tinged sound on 2013's Paul Walker and 2015's Hit Your Head.
Drug Church were founded in Albany in 2011, with lead vocalist and lyricist Patrick Kindlon joined by guitarists Nick Cogan and Cory Galusha, bassist Pat Wynne, and drummer Chris Villeneuve. Shortly after the group began working together, they cut a three-song demo, while their first EP, simply titled Drug Church, was released by No Sleep Records in July 2012. One year later, Drug Church dropped their first full-length album, Paul Walker, which added a harder, more metal-influenced guitar sound to the propulsive energy and Kindlon's scrappy, ranting vocal style. The band toured hard after the album's release, and in February 2015, they returned with a five-song EP, Swell. At the end of October 2015, a second album was released, Hit Your Head.
The next two years found Kindlon occupied with recording and touring with Self Defense Family, but for the third Drug Church album, the band struck a deal with Pure Noise Records that gave them a bigger budget and a longer recording schedule than they had had in the past. Released in November 2018, Cheer found Drug Church sounding tighter and more melodic than before, with Kindlon's vocals showing a new level of skill and control. ~ Mark Deming

    Albany, NY

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