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About Drongos for Europe

One of England's angriest punk rock bands, Drongos For Europe assaulted the senses with such gut-wretched tunes as "Psychomania", "Destroy", "Freakazoid", and "Wasted". Although they've disbanded twice -- in 1985 and 1995 -- the group reunited to continue their power-driven attack.

With the choleric vocals of "Angry" Tom Farrell driven by bassist Nigel Swain, guitarist Steve Devlin and drummer Carl Gebbard, Drongos For Europe debuted their hard-edged punk rock at St. Marks Church Hall in Birmingham, England on November 3, 1979. Their debut, self-titled, cassette-only, album followed a few months later. They toured as opening act, in the early-1980s, with the Dead Kennedys and Crass.

Beginning with the departure of Swain, who was replaced by Errol Ullah, in early-1980, Drongos For Europe endured a series of personnel changes. Ullah was replaced by Dek Drongo, in 1982. The following year, Gebbard was replaced by Kimbo Drongo.

The departure of Farrell, who briefly moved to Germany, in 1985, caused the band's first split. Returning to Birmingham, after a few months, and running into Swain, by chance, he agreed to reform Drongos For Europe with Swain and drummer Nigel Kewen. This lineup remained together until December 1995.

Although they never officially announced their disbanding, Drongos For Europe remained inactive until being reorganized, by Farrell and Dek, who had been working with such bands as Slaughterhouse 5 and Fallen Angel, in 1999. ~ Craig Harris

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