Merging the talents of Daniel Johns (Silverchair, the Dissociatives) and Luke Steele (Empire of the Sun, the Sleepy Jackson) -- two of Australia's most versatile and forward-thinking musicians -- electronic rock duo Dreams delivers futuristic anthems that combine rhythmic grooves and synth programming inspired by the Beatles, the Chemical Brothers, Talking Heads, Lou Reed, and Suicide.
Incubating since the early aughts, Dreams was created by Silverchair's Daniel Johns (aka "Dr. Dreams") and Empire of the Sun's Luke Steele (aka "Miracle"). The pair met in 2003 when Steele's band the Sleepy Jackson opened Silverchair's Diorama tour. They began collaborating in 2008, crafting songs inspired by the Beatles' White Album. However, the demos were lost (the duo claim to have buried them outside Windsor Castle while they were high) and the project would remain on the sidelines as Steele shifted focus to Empire of the Sun -- which debuted in late 2008 -- and Johns continued promotion of Silverchair's fifth and final effort, Young Modern. A decade later -- after Empire of the Sun had three albums to their name and Johns had issued his solo debut, 2015's Talk -- the guys reunited in the studio and began recording for the Dreams project. Following a mysterious unveiling campaign, Dreams made its official public debut in 2018 with the funky future-disco single "No One Defeats Us," a strutting call-to-arms that veered closer to Empire of the Sun and Talk than the Sleepy Jackson or Silverchair. They performed their first concert at the 2018 installment of Coachella, issuing second single "Silence" the same weekend. After the summertime arrival of third single "Love to Live," they finally released their official debut, No One Defeats Us, on Astralwerks. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

    Sydney, Austrailia
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