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With their brashly catchy mix of punk and pop and proudly feminist viewpoint, Dream Wife continue the empowering lineage of the Slits, Debbie Harry, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Le Tigre. Thanks to their clever songwriting and abundant hooks -- and Rakel Mjöll's ability to shift from a coo to a howl in an instant -- Dream Wife's manifestos about gender roles, body image, and identity feel thrilling rather than pedantic. Early releases like 2016's EP1 and 2018's Dream Wife emphasized their punk firepower, but on 2020's So When You Gonna…, their scope grew to include tender slow songs and rarely mentioned topics such as miscarriages. While their music evolved, Dream Wife's commitment to women and non-binary people stayed strong as they supported charities such as Girls Rock London and worked with all-female creative teams.

    Brighton, England

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