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The Dream Team (aka the Dynamic Duo) are a steadily rising duo whose releases on their own Joker imprint have made it one of the most popular underground labels for straight-ahead, no-bones jump up-style drum'n'bass. Going by the names Bizzy B. and Pugwash, the pair began working together in 1994 after releasing a smattering of solo tracks (Bizzy on his Brain imprint, Pugwash as Double Dipped on I.D.), hooking up through the network of producers and DJs which constitutes the London underground breakbeat scene. Locking up drum'n'bass in its literal form, the pair's Joker work expands upon the rhythmic focus of jump-up mainstays such as Shy FX and DJ Hype, releasing floor-filling party tracks with a fresh, complex rhythmic edge. Although two of the group's biggest tunes — "Stamina" and "Raw Dogs" — were released on hardcore mainstay Suburban Base shortly after the pair began working together, Joker has been the focus of their activities since its inception in '95, peaking at the start of 1997 with a full-length release, The Drum'N'Bass World Series, a collection of new tracks and exclusive mixes from Decoder, Rude Bwoy Monty, and Trend. That year also saw the release of album, Trilogy, on Sega/Suburban Base Records. In addition to running Joker and releasing and remixing tracks, Bizzy and Pugwash both DJ, (Pug had a regular slot on the noted Kool FM), the increasing exposure taking them well beyond the London underground pirate scene and into party slots in Europe and the States.

London, England