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About Double

One of the first missionaries of Western R&B in Japan, Double was formed in 1997 by sisters Takako and Sachiko Hirasawa. In 1998, they released their debut single, "For Me," which was featured in the TV mini-series Tsumetai Tsuki, but tragically, Sachiko died of a brain hemorrhage before the release of their debut album, Crystal, in 1999. Takako returned a year later, retaining the name Double as a tribute to her sister, and released an eponymous album. Vision (2002), Too Wonderful (2003), and Life Is Beautiful (2004) followed, but after that, Double hit a period of inactivity before making a comeback in 2007 with the album Reflex. In 2008, the compilations 10 Years Best We R&B and The Best Collaborations both rose to number two on the charts. ~ Alexey Eremenko