About Dorfrocker

Combining modern pop and rock with elements of German folk, Die Dorfrocker formed in 2005 by three brothers from Lower Franconia: Tobias Thomann on vocals and guitar, Philip Thomann on lead guitar, and Mark Thomann on accordion. The group's debut album came out on Ariola Records in 2007. While Die Dorfrocker worked hard to promote a second album, 2008's Jetzt Geht’s Tichtig Ab, it wasn't until the release of a third, 2010's Remmi Demmi, that the group began making an impression on the charts. 2012 saw the release of Roll den Roten Teppich Aus and in 2014, Die Dorfrocker moved to Sony Entertainment, with its first album for that label, Dorfkind und Stolz Drauf, rising to number 12.

    Lower Franconia, Germany

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