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About Donald Glaude

A DJ's DJ, this beloved and famously energetic veteran of the dance music scene has headlined all over the West Coast and released two full-length albums on Moonshine Records. He is a contemporary of DJ Dan, who once called him "one of the most entertaining DJsto watch live."

Glaude is a Washington State native, but he first made a name for himself at the massive raves that San Francisco was known for in the early 90s -- Cool World, Together As One, etc. He also had a residency with Funky Techno Tribe, a very highly reputed house music promoter/label in San Francisco. It was only logical that he end up on Moonshine, one of the premiere dance music labels in the US and the home of DJ Dan.

Glaude's first Moonshine project was Off the Hook, a compilation CD featuring funky house, deep house and techno tracks from several well-known producers. Like many of his fellow DJs, Glaude has begun to shift into more of a producer's role recently. His first forays into production was the track "Soul Cha Cha", followed shortly thereafter by "To The Soul". Both tracks were released as singles and included on his second full-length CD, Mixed Live.

Currently Glaude divides his time between the dance floor, where he's as much in-demand as ever, and the studio, where he continues to mix and produce tracks for Moonshine or his own imprint, Respect Recordings. He's earned the distinction of being one of the few house DJs who can easily cross over from sub-genre to sub-genre, winning the love of house-heads, D&B fanatics and chill-room denizens alike. ~ L. Katz

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