Don Banks

About Don Banks

The son of a jazz musician, Banks learned trombone, saxaphone, violin, guitar and piano as a youth, and participated in his father's musical groups. He later studied composition at the University of Melbourne Conservatorium and with Babbitt in Salzburg. During the 1950's Banks began composing serially with a 14-note row resulting in pieces such as Duo. While supporting himself with work as a copyist and arranger, he moved on to composing film scores and writing commissioned pieces for various artists. The late 1960's brought a rush of compositions, and his early exposure to jazz and soul music is evident in these works. Believing that he should repay his debt of advantages and experience to upcoming generations of musicians, Banks became active in music education, including a position as head of composition and electronic music studies at Canberra School of Music in 1974. ~ Lynn Vought