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Dommengang are a Brooklyn-based, hard-edged post-psych and space rock trio whose chugging sound they describe as "Road Trip, Head Trip" music. Obvious inspirational sources include Can, Amon Düül II, and Neu!, Hawkwind's psychedelic space rock, and ZZ Top's and Canned Heat's endless roadhouse boogie as evidenced by their hard-driving debut album, 2015's Everybody's Boogie.
Guitarist/vocalist Sig Wilson was part of Scout Niblett's touring band and the Castanets. Bassist Brian Markham and drummer Adam Bulgasem are also members of Ancient Sky. All are members of the Holy Sons' (Emil Amos) backing band. The trio began playing together in mid-2014 apart from Holy Sons and before signing with Thrill Jockey. Their debut album, Everybody's Boogie, was issued in May of 2015. In the aftermath of intense touring on both sides of the Atlantic, the band took a breather and relocated to Los Angeles, marking the first time the entire band lived together in the same city. When Dommengang re-entered the studio in late 2017, their subsequent sound reflected the region's arid climate, which imbued their particular brand of heaviness with electric blues. They chose producer/engineer Tim Green of the Fucking Champs (who had previously helmed sessions for Joanna Newsom, Howlin' Rain, Sleepy Sun, and Fresh and Onlys). He not only captured the band's more expansive sound, but made space in the mix to reflect the temperament of older analog recordings. Entitled Love Jail, the set was released at the end of January 2018. In March of 2019, the band dropped two pre-release singles in "Kudzu" and "Jerusalem Cricket" to announce the May release of their third full-length No Keys. The latter track featured guest vocals from Camilla Saufly-Mitchell of Golden Void. ~ Thom Jurek

    Brooklyn, NY

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