Dominique Grange

About Dominique Grange

A French singer and songwriter born in Lyon in 1940, Dominique Grange was known equally for her music and her activism, having been decidedly influenced by the tumultuous events shaping the world in 1968. Her first singles emerged in 1963, and were mostly of the simple pop variety, but that all changed after the aforementioned upheaval later that decade. Soon the songs and ideals were of a more political nature, but did little to diminish Grange's musical career. While only a few albums were issued over the years, Grange's reputation and work made her a well known name, and in 2007 she was in the studio to record new songs to commemorate the 40th anniversary of those fateful days of 1968. It would, obviously, be released in 2008 and was entitled 1968-2008: N'Effacez Pas Nos Traces! ~ Chris True