Doe Maar
Doe Maar

Doe Maar

About Doe Maar

Doe Maar was one of the most popular Dutch pop groups ever. With their mixture of reggae, pop, ska, and Dutch vocals, they created a unique style of nervous punk-pop songs without guitar solos. Doe Maar reached unprecedented heights of popularity at the beginning of the '80s -- and paved the way for the emergence of "Nederpop": Dutch groups singing in their native tongue. During their short career, which lasted from 1978 until 1984, the band released only four studio records, of which three made it to the number one position. The turn-of-the-century success of their reunion album (Klaar), a compilation, and also a tribute album proved that Doe Maar still mattered -- both in popular value and artistic importance. ~ Philip D. Huff

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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