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Smearing the lines between hard rock, old-school punk, and the tougher side of arena rock, Dirty Fences are a swaggering band of guitar maulers determined to make rock & roll disrespectable again and have fun doing it. Dirty Fences were formed by lead singer and guitarist Jack Daves, bassist and backing vocalist Max Comaskey, and drummer and backing vocalist Max Hiersteiner, three friends who attended the same high school in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2009, they decided to move to Brooklyn, New York in hopes of reaching a larger audience. After settling in, Dirty Fences expanded to a four-piece with the addition of guitarist and backing vocalist Max Roseglass. Taking inspiration from the MC5, the New York Dolls, the Stooges, the Ramones, and Kiss, the band started playing out and developing a reputation for their tough but hooky, guitar-driven sound and high-energy live shows. In 2012, Dirty Fences unveiled their first recordings, a six-song EP released by Volcom Entertainment. Their first full-length album, Too High to Kross, was released in 2013, also by Volcom. In 2014, the band dropped a pair of 7" singles, a three-song release from Oops Baby Records, and a split single with the Shrine via Australia's Tym Records. Dirty Fences teamed up with Slovenly Recordings for their second full-length album, Full Tramp. The band dropped more singles in 2016; "Tommy & C.C." b/w "I'm Here" was put out by Die Slaughterhaus Records, and Obey Records released "Colleen" b/w "Michael & the Slipper Tree." Dirty Fences ramped up their hard rock moves on their third album, 2017's Goodbye Love, which included guest vocals from Christina Halladay of the band Sheer Mag. That same year, Dirty Water Records brought out an expanded reissue of the group's debut EP. ~ Mark Deming

    Brooklyn, NY

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