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Coming up under the 1011/CGM banner, West London's Digga D proved to be one of U.K. drill's most charismatic and visionary figures, pioneering the genre with a unique set of flows and a flair for infectious one-liners. Though a consistent target of censorship from London's Metropolitan Police, Digga enjoyed a dominant career throughout the late 2010s and early 2020s, landing major hits with singles like "No Diet" and "Bringing It Back."
Based in Ladbroke Grove, West London, rapper Digga D launched his musical career as a founding member of 1011, a rap crew named after local postcodes W10 and W11. Though the group built an underground buzz with 2016 singles like "Play for the Pagans" and "No Hook," their big U.K. breakout came with a show-stopping appearance on U.K. freestyle show "Next Up." Rapping alongside 1011 members Sav'O and TY, Digga's "Next Up" performance soon amassed views in the tens of millions, with his unconventional flow and blunt lyricism establishing the young MC as one of the genre's rising stars.
A spate of legal battles would characterize the next phase of Digga's career -- after an arrest in late 2017, he was issued a CBO (Criminal Behaviour Order), which censored the rapper's lyrics, limited his associations, and forced him to seek the Metropolitan Police's approval for all future releases. Though videos for many of the MC's biggest hits were taken down, fans continued to re-upload the rapper's material online, only furthering the hype around the West London up-and-comer. Amid a series of stints in jail toward the late 2010s, Digga and the newly rebranded CGM (formerly 1011) continued to flesh out their catalog with tracks like CGM collaborations "No Porkies" and "Who's on What," solo releases under the alias of DoubleTap ("With Intent") and 2019's "Who?," a celebration of Digga's and Sav'O's release from prison.
It was the single "No Diet" that became Digga's gateway into the mainstream; with a nine-week chart run that peaked at the number 20 spot, the track thrived with an iconic staccato chorus and a playful approach to lyricism. While still incarcerated, the rapper issued his debut mixtape, Double Tap Diaries, which combined haunting beats from the likes of Ghosty and M1OnTheBeat with Digga's bravado-laced flows and coy lyrics. The project landed a number 11 spot on the U.K. albums chart, and the rapper closed out the year with "Mr Sheeen," an electric collaboration with Lewisham's Russ Millions, and CGM posse cut "10+1." In 2020, Digga began the roll-out for his next mixtape with the vivid "Woi," which landed a number 24 spot on the charts with its infectious adlibs, quotable bars, and outlandish Crip-influenced music video. October's "Chingy (It's Whatever)" secured an even higher number 18 spot, spawning its own dance craze with a wild interpolation of Chingy's "Right Thurr." After a dominant appearance on freestyle show Daily Duppy, Digga had his first Top Five single with "Bringing It Back," a collaboration with AJ Tracey based on his 2017 "Next Up" appearance. His sophomore mixtape, Made in the Pyrex, arrived in February 2021. With guest appearances from CGM, M1llionz, and AJ Tracey, the drill-driven project continued the rapper's hot streak and landed at number three on the U.K. album charts. ~ David Crone


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