About dEUS

The first Belgian-based indie act ever to sign to a major international label, the improvisational avant-grunge group dEUS was originally comprised of vocalist/guitarist Tom Barman, bassist Stef Kamil Carlens, drummer Julle De Borgher, violinist Klaas Janzoons, and guitarist Rudy Trouvé. Formed in Antwerp in 1991, dEUS began their career as strictly a cover band, but soon began performing new material, honing an irreverent, free-form live show drawing on influences ranging from folk and punk to jazz and prog rock.

After issuing a four-track EP titled Zea, dEUS mounted a series of London performances that led to a contract with Island Records. In 1994, the group released its full-length bow, Worst Case Scenario, winning acclaim for the singles "Suds and Soda" and "Via." After announcing plans to produce their own pornographic film, they issued 1995's My Sister, My Clock; however, in the wake of the record's release, Carlens exited to focus on his side project, Moondog Jr. Trouvé soon followed suit, channeling his energies into the group Kiss My Jazz; with new guitarist Craig Ward and bassist Danny "Cool Rocket" Mommens in tow, dEUS returned to the studio to cut 1997's In a Bar, Under the Sea. The Ideal Crash followed in 1999. Over the next decade, dEUS released only two albums, Pocket Revolution and Vantage Point, before releasing Keep You Close in 2011.

    Antwerp, Belgium

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