About Deafheaven

Originally formed as a duo in 2010, Deafheaven, now a quintet, are a restless and experimental metal band from San Francisco. Often referred to as black metal, the group finds the term limiting, and sees the metal subgenre as a prime inspiration. Their ever-evolving sound includes elements of black metal, shoegaze, post-rock, and even accessible -- but musically challenging -- arena rock, as evidenced by albums such as 2013's Sunbather and the punchier, more dynamic New Bermuda two years later. 2018's Ordinary Corrupt Human Love wed somewhat gentler and more experimental and cinematic songwriting to their established black metal roots. Their fifth studio album, 2021's Infinite Granite, was their least metal-influenced record yet, leaning closer to dream pop, ambient, and alternative rock.

    San Francisco, CA

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