Dawn of Disease
Dawn of Disease

Dawn of Disease

About Dawn of Disease

A German heavy metal unit that specializes in lethal, double blastbeat-fueled, Gothenburg scene-influenced melodic death metal, Dawn of Disease was originally founded in 2003, but despite some high-profile performances, the band called it quits in 2007 before releasing anything other than a single. A newly resurrected iteration of the band surfaced in 2009, with co-founder Tomasz rounding up a new lineup that included Lukas and Oliver on guitar, and a pair of Christians on bass and drums — the band has little use for surnames. Dawn of Disease's official debut, Legends of Brutality, dropped in 2010, and the following year saw the band ink a deal with NoiseArt Records. The well-received Crypts of the Unrotten was released in 2012, and in 2016, they issued their much-anticipated third studio long-player, Worship the Grave, this time via Napalm Records.

    Osnabrück, Germany

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