David & Devine

About David & Devine

David was used as the name for a number of rock groups, one being a obscure Canadian act that formed in the late '60s. There were six members in this little-known group, all male except for the lead singer, Deborah Kelly. A few of the other members -- or so it seems -- were Francis Webster, Ted Grimes, and John Webster, who played the guitar and the trumpet. Both Francis Webster and Ted Grimes wrote some of the songs the band performed.

In 1968, David released its debut album, a self-titled offering that carried tracks filled with influences from styles that ranged from soul to psychedelic. The album was produced by David and Ray Lawrence. Some of the tunes were original, others had been hits for other artists. "Descension," "House of the Rising Sun," "Take My Hand," "Because I'm Black," and "Lovely Lady," are a few of the songs on the album. Fans waited for a sophomore album, but one never came, and after a short while, the group faded away.

In 2001, over 30 years after the release of the debut, the Gear Fab Records label dusted off the old recording and reissued it. ~ Charlotte Dillon

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