Dave Phillips

About Dave Phillips

Keyboardist Dave "Funky" Phillips certainly earned the nickname that hopefully helps him from being mistaken for several other British instrumentalists with this name. If it is possible to get even more specific than the profound adjective "funky," Phillips seems in particular demand among girl groups featuring vocal harmony, his discography including several sides by Eternal -- a group whose career has at least lasted a decade, a time period considered close to eternal in the mind of the music industry.
Phillips has also participated in recordings by Cleopatra, a group frighteningly described as a cross between Spice Girls and Hanson. Producer Dennis Charles, not to be confused with the great modern jazz drummer of the same name, is one of the musical brainstormers who puts this keyboardist to work on such projects, often combining him with players such as guitarist Clem Clemson and multi-instrumentalist programming specialist Shaun LaBelle. ~ Eugene Chadbourne

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