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Originally born in Washington, D.C., but based in Fredericksburg, VA, Dave Goodrich spent the early part of his childhood living in Mexico. When not attending high school in Mexico City, he was often playing music or exploring the natural wonders of the country. After graduation, Goodrich enrolled in San Francisco State University's Music Program. Performing around the Bay Area while earning his degree, Goodrich became a backing and session musician for a wide range of genres. He also performed at Berkeley Square and other hot spots, such as The Chi-Chi Club and was part of an art rock group in college called Jenny Jenny. In 1985, he returned to Washington, D.C., and joined Mind's i, an alternative pop trio that performed around the Washington area. The group released one album in 1988, A House Defiled, which was nominated for a Washington Area Music Award. In 1990, Goodrich became a solo performer and played up to 200 shows a year. He also released a three-song cassette in 1993, but to little fanfare. In 1995, Jewel opened for him. In 2002, he released his debut album 15 Minutes and he has performed at various music conferences and festivals. He has also been compared to the Eagles, Derek & the Dominos, and Dave Matthews, and has a distinguished film career, having been cast in The Jackal, Deep Impact, and Contact, among others. ~ Jason MacNeil

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