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About Darwin Chamber

There is some confusion around the name Darwin Chamber, many people are unsure whether it is a group or a solo artist. The truth is that it all depends on the gig. Darwin Chamber is the alter ego of Mark Greenfield. Sometimes Greenfield brings another artist into his act, sometimes he performs or produces on his own. Either way, he performs under his stage name (inspired by scientist Charles Darwin). A son of Marin County in Northern California, this producer has been active in the progressive electronic scene for more than ten years. Just like the rest of the underground music scene's pioneers, he started learning his craft on a cheap keyboard in a friend's house and gradually kept moving on to more expensive equipment and more prestigious venues.

A professional sound engineer and bona fide "knob tweaker", Chamber has earned respect on a technical level as well as a creative one. Creatively, he is acknowledged as one of the earliest contributors to the breakbeat and trip-hop sub-genres.

Chamber first made a name for himself in San Francisco, but gained plenty of recognition on the national and world music scenes in the late '90s, even earning a nod from MTV during his heyday. He released music on various indie labels, such as Twitch and Basssex. However, he gained the most recognition for his full-length release on Moonshine Records in 1998. Moonshine is possibly the largest and best-known electronic label in the country. When Chamber released the album, called Ghetto Electro Chronicles, he joined the ranks of DJ Keoki, Dieselboy, and Goldie, all of whom are Moonshine artists. ~ L. Katz