Dark Side Cowboys

About Dark Side Cowboys

The hard-driving sounds of industrial and heavy metal are enhanced by American folk, Celtic, blues, jazz and symphonic influences by Swedish band, Dark Side Cowboys. Formed in the early-1990s, the group continues to radiate with unleashed intensity.

Attempting to thread a storyline throughout their albums, the Dark Side Cowboys project a dark, depressive, view of the world. Their debut 1997 album, Disclosure, was a masterpiece of Gothic imagery. A proposed follow-up album, tentatively entitled, Disclosure II, was renamed UnfortuNathalie, and released in 1998. The same year, several band members joined with members of S.C.U.D. to form a new heavy metal/industrial/noise band, Red Butt Closeup. Signed by Swedish label, Moriensis, the group recorded an impressive debut album, Red Butt Dreaming, in early-1999.

Despite their involvement with Red Butt Closeup, the Dark Side Cowboys remain in tact. They released their third album, High, in 1999 and plan to release a single with new and remixed songs. ~ Craig Harris

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