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A multi-faceted English musician, singer, songwriter, vocal producer, and actor, Danny Worsnop is best known for his work as the vocalist for shape-shifting North Yorkshire by way of Dubai metalcore giants Asking Alexandria and hard rock supergroup We Are Harlot. He released his debut solo LP, The Long Road Home, in 2017, which saw him branching out into country music, while 2019's Shades of Blue introduced elements of soul and blues into his already versatile repertoire.
Hailing from the market town of Beverly, Worsnop's passion for music set in when he was a toddler: he made sounds with household objects and began to play a violin at the age of eight. This led to extensive lessons, including in trumpet, and he joined his local orchestra during his school years. In his teens, he took an interest in more alternative and heavier music, picking up both guitar and bass guitar. He eventually joined Asking Alexandria after moving in with founding member and guitarist Ben Bruce in York. After extensive writing and establishing the band's name on the gig circuit, the group got to work on their debut full-length. Stand Up and Scream was released in late 2009 after the group signed to the American metal label Sumerian Records. The band went to the U.S. to tour the album, performing alongside acts such as From First to Last and Memphis May Fire. Worsnop went on to release two more albums with the band, Reckless and Relentless in 2011 and From Death to Destiny in 2013, both of which were critically and commercially successful.
In 2011, Worsnop formed the band We Are Harlot, a hard rock supergroup featuring members of Revolution Renaissance and Silvertide, as well as Jeff George, former guitarist for Sebastian Bach. They released their eponymous debut through Roadrunner Records in early 2015 to huge success. In early 2015, Worsnop announced his departure from Asking Alexandria, stating that he wanted to focus on other styles of music as well as We Are Harlot. He continued with his solo endeavors, going on to write and record his first solo album with producer Jim Kaufman (Funeral for a Friend, Skindred, Helmet). He announced in late 2015 that he had written and recorded the album in one week in Kaufman's living room, and that it was lyrically and thematically based on his past struggles with addiction and rehabilitation. Originally titled The Prozac Sessions, the album was later renamed The Long Road Home due to legal reasons. It was released in February 2017 through Earache and took a more organic, Americana-influenced direction comprising blues-drenched country songs. Meanwhile, in October 2016, Worsnop rejoined Asking Alexandria after his replacement, Denis Stoff, left the band. Stating that the reunion was a pleasant one, the band went on to perform together with a set list composed of the band's earlier material, which Worsnop had helped write. Although the reunion was a positive experience, Worsnop continued to pursue his own creative endeavors. In 2019, he issued his sophomore solo effort, the country, soul, and blues-tinged Shades of Blue. ~ Rob Wacey

    Yorkshire, England
  • BORN
    September 4, 1990