Danny Larsen - Top Songs

No Time For the Blues
I Should Have Known You
Wanna Believe
Life Is Good
When an Angel Whispers
I Shouldn't Love You
My Lonely Heart
I Wanna Learn From You
I Used To Dream
Bit of a Chill
Just the Mention of Your Name
Killin Time
Slow Kiss
Beautiful Ride
The Night That Follows the Day
Just In Case
I Can't Make You Love Me
It Only Hurts When I Smile
Days Like This
I Can't Get Right
If I Gave :You My Heart
All For Love
Longing For Home
So Far
More Than This
Bump In the Road
Gotta Get Better To Die
Somewhere In Time
You'll Find the Way
The Cyclist
I Know What You Been Doin
I Could Never Stand Alone
It Takes a Little Rain
Random Pandemonium
Steal Away the Night