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About Dann Glenn

Jazz bassist Dann Glenn has earned accolades from such renowned publications as Bass Player Magazine, due to his work with other artists, as well as his steady stream of solo releases. Glenn learned the instrument from one of the electric bass' first true masters, Monk Montgomery, but the young bassist had to put a promising career on hold, as he served in the Vietnam War. Upon returning, Glenn set up shop in San Francisco, where he continued playing bass alongside bluesmen, including such artists as Luther Tucker, Freddie King, and Michael Bloomfield. Glenn found himself next in Las Vegas, performing in the city's glitzy show bands. But it wasn't long before he realized he needed to pursue a more substantial musical direction, and relocated to Los Angeles. After getting acquainted with the city's local music scene, Glenn collaborated with film scorer/composer Dan Slider on the release A Whispered Warning, as several of its tracks were used subsequently in themes for TV shows.

Glenn also began performing at the famed North Hollywood jazz club, Dontes, and after striking up friendships with such guitarists as Jennifer Batten and John Goodsall, Glenn was convinced to join the faculty at the Bass Institute of Technology (BIT). After having his fill of the west coast, Glenn relocated once more, this time to the Midwest, as he began issuing solo releases that focused on several varied musical styles. Over the years, Glenn has issued such solo outing as Subharmonia, Symphony No. 2: Variations on a Dream, Octavia, Little Toy Horns, Symphony No. 1, Espionage, Maybe Never, Street Without Joy, Emerald Tiger, and Atlantis. Additionally, Glenn has his own signature bass line manufactured from Germany's HotWire Basses, will be releasing his first novel shortly, titled 'Almost a Proverb' (which recounts Glenn's experiences in Vietnam), and has formed a duo alongside acclaimed fretless bassist Percy Jones. ~ Greg Prato