Daniel Lanois
Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois

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One of the most distinctive and celebrated producers of his time, Daniel Lanois is also a gifted composer and solo artist; whether performing his own material or helming records for the likes of U2, Bob Dylan, and Peter Gabriel, the hallmarks of his aesthetic remain the same. Noted for his unparalleled atmospheric sensibilities, Lanois pursues honesty over perfection, relying on vintage equipment and unorthodox studio methods to achieve a signature sound both viscerally powerful and intricately beautiful. This sound can be heard on standouts from his own catalog like 1989's marvelous Acadie and 2003's Shine as well as landmark LPs like U2's Achtung Baby and Bob Dylan's Time Out of Mind. Along with his ambient collaborations with Brian Eno, Lanois' penchant for experimental sound-shaping has led to unusual releases like 2016's Goodbye to Language, though he has returned to more song-based material on 2021's Heavy Sun.

    Hull, Quebec, Canada
  • BORN
    September 19, 1951

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