Damon & Naomi

About Damon & Naomi

The dreamy and gently psychedelic indie folk duo Damon & Naomi was formed by drummer Damon Krukowski and bassist/vocalist Naomi Yang shortly after the breakup of their former group, Galaxie 500. The project's sound developed from a hushed and reverb-heavy take on indie rock into an almost ambient take on folk, growing softer by the time of 1998 album Playback Singers. Damon & Naomi would collaborate frequently, whether that meant splitting time between their self-titled project and roles in psych rock band the Magic Hour, performing with Pearls Before Swine's Tom Rapp, or an ongoing relationship with Japanese band Ghost that included touring and collaborative recordings. That relationship continued long into the band's career, carrying over from 2000's collaborative studio album Damon & Naomi with Ghost to 2021's A Sky Record, made with Ghost guitarist and unofficial third member Michio Kurihara.

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