About Daedelus

Los Angeles-based musician Daedelus (Alfred Darlington) is highly esteemed for their inventive sample-based compositions and energetic live performances. A longtime DJ for online radio station Dublab, Daedelus embodies the open-minded spirit of the L.A. music scene and is equally comfortable working with left-field rappers like MF Doom and Mike Ladd as well as contemporary jazz ensembles such as Kneebody. Initially surfacing with more experimental albums such as 2002's Invention, which blended vintage jazz samples with sideways breakbeats, their music ventured into abstract hip-hop on releases like 2003's The Weather (a collaboration with Busdriver and Radioinactive) and 2005's Exquisite Corpse. Subsequent releases such as 2008's Love to Make Music To and 2011's Bespoke were more romantic and song-based, while albums like 2014's The Light Brigade and 2018's Taut focused on dreamy, downtempo grooves, and 2020's What Wands Won't Break contained mutated club tracks similar to their live sets.

    Santa Monica, CA
  • BORN
    October 31, 1977

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