Daby Touré

About Daby Touré

b. c. 1970, Djeole, Boutilimit, Mauritania. The son of an itinerant musician, Hamidou Touré, Daby spent his early life in Senegal and Mauritania. In 1989, now in his late teens he accompanied his father to Paris, France, where Hamidou was joining his brothers’ band Touré Kunda. This prompted Daby to also choose a career in music and with a cousin, Omar Touré, he formed Touré Touré. Basing his music in the traditional sounds of his homeland, Touré, who writes many of the songs he sings, developed interesting variations that accommodated his musical surroundings in Paris. He toured with Peter Gabriel’s Still Growing Up package, including visiting England and 2004’s WOMAD in Reading. Touré sings in French and English as well as in Wolof, Soninké and Pulaar. Using multi-tracking, on his recordings he plays guitar and bass as well as several percussion instruments, while his keyboard player is Cyrille Dufay. A proud bearer of his musical heritage, Touré has helped spread awareness to European audiences.

Djeole, Boutilimit, Mauritania

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