About Cube

Formed in their school days, Stock Cube consisted of boyhood friends Chris Langdon (lead vocals, bass, brother of Royson and Antony Langdon of Spacehog fame), Nic Denson (guitars), and Jon Pike (drums), with Pete Denton (guitar) joining after putting his quest for fame as an actor and model on hold. Armed with a raw yet polished sound, the outfit dropped the "Stock" and was snapped up by Polydor in 1998 after a reportedly furious A&R scramble over an impressive demo tape. The rocking Shut up and Get on the Floor EP followed the same year, heralding a bright future, and shortly after came the debut single, "Scrounger." The distorted three-minute thrash writhing beneath Langdon's spitting vocal was premature in its tribute to the Stooges, whose rebirth as rock music's number one influence occurred a year or two later. Upon release, the debut album, Fast Food, failed to make the possibly deserved impact that was hoped, and Cube was dropped before they had the chance to come up with a superior sequel. The band continued to play live, gaining a reputation as a very exciting, poised rock act. With a little more support, it may have been just the start for a promising young band, rather than the end of a short-lived career, as the members agreed to go their separate ways in early 2001. ~ Owen Guthrie-Jones