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About Crucifixion Br

A surprisingly popular name with rock bands over the years, Crucifixion was also the chosen moniker of an obscure New Wave of British Heavy Metal quartet from the county of Essex, located to the east of London. Founded in late 1979 by vocalist/guitarist Glyn Morgan, his brother, guitarist Pete Morgan, bassist Paul Drinkwater, and drummer Geoff Ford, Crucifixion released their self-financed "The Fox" single the very next year, but its rough charms (akin to contemporaries Tank or Fist, among others) failed to win over too many converts outside the deepest underground. In fact, it wasn't until they re-recorded it for Neat Records' 60 Minutes Plus cassette compilation almost two years later that the group (now armed with new bass player and sometime vocalist Chris Mann) regained a few headlines, and quickly capitalized with a proper new single for Neat entitled "Take It or Leave It" (b/w "On the Run"). This was rather unfairly panned by all-powerful Kerrang! Magazine, however, and Crucifixion was then forced to wait yet another two years to squeeze another chance out of Neat, this being the once again modestly received Green Eyes EP. That, as it turned out, indeed proved to be their final gasp, though, but with Crucifixion's near-disappearance into forgetfulness thereafter, their vinyl releases have of course grown in value with collectors, year after year.

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